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Our Story

The Natural Healer is a family run business, our mission is to source and select the best quality crystals, minerals and stones from around the world. To ensure this we personally select every crystal individually, allowing us to bring exquisite quality and unmissable prices.

We are passionate about sharing our love and knowledge of crystals with you, we help others understand how to incorporate crystals into their life through our educational pages filled with articles, tutorials, tips and more with a whole range of holistic, spiritual, astrological and crystal topics.

How to Find Us


You can find us on our website where we regularly update our stock, host our Saturday Live where we showcase our brand-new crystals and run a weekly giveaway for any live viewers to enter. We also have an education centre you can easily explore, filled with free videos articles and guides.


Social Media:

We share regular updates on our Instagram, Facebook page and group. We also host a Crystal Time Live every Tuesday from 7pm on Facebook, where we answer any questions you have, live. On the last Thursday of the month, you can join us for a live Oracle Card reading, where you select a card and it is read live by Tiggy. 

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